Increasing Longevity – Can It Be Done?


Do YOU want to live a Longer, Healthier Life?

Doesn’t Everyone?

Have you heard it’s ALL Genetic? [Not Likely]

Is Exercise the answer? [Not necessarily] 

Or Luck? [Why risk it?]

Could it be Nutritional? [More than Likely ;~]

Have you heard that Calorie Restriction [CR] increases longevity?

There is some suggestion it might.

Did You hear about the recent Monkey study?

It didn’t seem to work in Monkeys. 

A little disappointing to the CR crowd.

Confusing? Yes

Explanable? Yep

But, There is Good News !!

Read On…


The original Calorie Restriction studies done in 1934 by Clive McCay and Mary Crowell at Cornell University.

Rats that were fed 30% fewer calories lived 50% longer than their well-fed counterparts.

Repeat – the calorie restricted animals lived 50% longer!

Exciting Stuff – Everybody wants to live longer!! [even rats]

This sounds like compelling evidence that calorie restriction increases lifespan.

However, on…

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