ICYMI: Rackspace president on why cloud is important but it’s not everything


Taylor Rhodes, who’s been Rackspace’s president for about a month,talked to us this week about his vision for the company. Here are a few key takeaways from this week’s Structure Show.

1: There are clouds and then there are clouds

Rackspace(s rax) sees two components to cloud — the platform and the services which run atop that platform.  Rhodes characterized Amazon(s amzn) Web Services as a proprietary stack which customers use to run things for themselves.

Rackspace’s job is to provide the services and know-how to run applications optimally atop the platform — whether that platform is internal to the customer, Rackspace hosting, private or public cloud. “Cloud is another form factor, just as dedicated [hosting] is a form factor. We say it’s not just the platform but what runs on top and how much service you want atop that.”

Cloud is “excellent for many things but it doesn’t…

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