A Phoenix Rises

The EWD Files

This is the third in a series of articles which explores a way forward for the future of the Mumps database and a solution to recruiting a new generation of developers to support, maintain and onwardly-develop the vast and important legacy of healthcare applications that have been developed using the Mumps language and database.

In summary, the direction I’m suggesting is to:

  • replace the Mumps language with Javascript, a hugely popular and highly-capable modern language that happens to share the key characteristics of and has a similar free-and-easy feel to the Mumps language;
  • tightly integrate the Mumps database with Javascript in a way that has an equivalent level of intimacy as found between the Mumps language and database.  In doing so, the Javascript community can benefit from the Universal NoSQL database capabilities afforded by the Mumps database technology, but do so in terms that are meaningful and relevant to them.

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