Last week on Research: Our review of PaaS for 2014, security, and more


Last week on Gigaom Research, our analysts broke down the PaaS marketplace, projected the future of CXM for mobile service providers, and reflected on best practices for IT security leaders addressing an increasingly fragmented network.

Note: Gigaom Research is a subscription-based research service offering in-depth, timely analysis of developing trends and technologies. Visit to learn more about it.

Sector RoadMap:Platform as a Service (PaaS) in 2014 by David Linthicum

According to David Linthicum, “PaaS will change more than any other sector in the cloud computing space over the next several years” and will become increasingly “more difficult to define as it morphs with other cloud models, including IaaS and SaaS.” Our most recent Sector RoadMap breaks down the current market landscape, scoring key platform vendors, against the principal disruption vectors at play. Vendors include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Red Hat, Pivotal, and (

PaaS2014 USE

Source: Gigaom Research 


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