Five Things to Know for Your New Day – Friday, March 21

New Day

A sea of challenges in the search for Malaysian jetliner. Russia and U.S. engage in tit-for-tat sanctions. And the fascination with Kurt Cobain lives on.

It’s Friday, and here are the 5 things to know for your “New Day.”


Sea of questions: Australia says it wants to get answers for the families of those aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner. And it’s scouring the southern Indian Ocean for objects it says may be related to the search for the jetliner. While this is the best lead yet on where plane might be, confirming it will be a lengthy process.  The area is a remote, rarely traveled expanse of ocean far from commercial shipping lanes. But that has not stopped the  massive search in the area more than 1,500 miles southwest of Australia.

[cnn-video url=””]


Tit-for-tat sanctions:  It’s a classic case of sanctions, and…

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