Patient Centered Innovation Take 2 – with Michele Longabaugh – April 1 2014

Michele Longabaugh (@CrazyAssCancer)


Michele Longabaugh Introduction by Lisa Fields

This past Thursday March 27, 2014 Healthcare Leader #HCLDR was honored when we were given the opportunity to partner with @heydavemathews@erikreinertsen@paparish and other healthcare leaders from the Health Innovation Lab.  This collaboration all began with a few tweets explaining our vision of a patient not only leading a Grand Rounds but given the opportunity to also be LIVE tweeted.
Dave Mathews a physician-scientist in training at Emory University School of Medicine began to work on this idea almost immediately. Michele Longabaugh (@CrazyAssCancer) and I were honored and amazed by how quickly and efficiently Dave began to make this vision a reality. The Health Innovation Lab designed a remarkable Future Innovation Summit and highlighted Michele in a combined tweet chat with #HCLDR. HIL Presents: Michele Longabaugh.

It was exciting and gratifying to see so many people both from #HCLDR and #HIL…

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