MariaDB adds NoSQL features to relational database roots


SkySQL has released new versions of MariaDB Enterprise and MariaDB Enterprise Cluster, promising that these editions will combine the consistency of traditional SQL database technology with the scalability of NoSQL.

It’s now almost a year since SkySQL merged with Monty Program, bringing back together a lot of the old MySQL team — around 50 of them, including Monty Widenius and David Axmark — to take on the current MySQL proprietor, Oracle(s orcl), with the MariaDB fork of the venerable database system.

MariaDB was always pitched as a “bridge” between MySQL and NoSQL databases like Cassandra and LevelDB. Now the MariaDB Foundation has released version 10 of the open-source database, bringing in several NoSQL-esque capabilities that make MariaDB Enterprise 2 a more enticing package.

The big addition is the Connect engine, which provides quick access to unstructured files, for example log files in a folder, from within MariaDB. Cassandra data…

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