Fighting the Status Quo in Healthcare – April 8 2014 Chat



david_v_goliath Blog post by Colin Hung

A story out of Halifax, Nova Scotia this week got me thinking about the fight against status quo in healthcare. Nurses in the Capital Health District walked off the job to protest what they considered to be unacceptable patient safety conditions. One of the central issues was the nurse-to-patient ratio. You can read more about the protest here.

What struck me about this story was how far these nurses were prepared to go to fight what they believed was the “status quo” in their organization. Personally I have no idea whether the union is correct or whether the Health District is correct, but the fact remains that the nurses were trying to affect change within their organization but ran into enough roadblocks that they felt this drastic strike action was necessary.

Status quo is the enemy of progress, the antithesis of innovation and the…

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