Making Health Addictive: Use Unpredictable Rewards

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In early February, I wrote about tactic one, Employ Subliminal Messaging.  Here is my post on the second of three tactics, Use Unpredictable Rewards.  The third and final tactic, Use the Sentinel Effect, will follow in my next post.

Use Unpredictable Rewards_Kvedar

Making health addictive is really about harnessing the power of our fascination with mobile devices, particularly smartphones.  We check these devices up to 150 times per day.  What if we put a personalized, relevant, motivational and unobtrusive message in front of you some of those times?  Could we induce permanent behavior change?  I am searching for examples of these customized mobile, personalized messages and any resulting behavior change, so if you know of any, please let me know.

The concept of unpredictable rewards brings us closer still to the vision of what Making Health Addictive might look like on your mobile device.  This tactic is what the…

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