Physicians, Philanthropy and Patient Advocacy – May 27th Chat

see you #healthcare #leadership #summit #HCLDR may 27, 2014, 8 PM EST


MG723_EDM-InfoGraphic_USA-FA_659x680_Splice_3-1_MEMBERS_DONORSIntroduction by Colin Hung

When Dr. Rajiv Singal and I met during the last #hcsmca tweetup in January this year we spoke at length about his work with the Movember fundraising and patient advocacy. Dr. Singal had recently completed yet another successful campaign in November – raising over $38,000 for prostate research (disclosure: I donated to the campaign).

During our conversation, Dr. Singal asked a series of questions that I had never considered before – should physicians get involved or even lead philanthropic fundraising efforts for the diseases they treat? Is it is expected of them? Should they be obligated to donate? Is it ethical? Should physicians be active in patient advocacy?

I was intrigued by what Dr. Singal had to say – so much so that I immediately invited him to be a guest on #hcldr to discuss this very topic.

It should come as no surprise that most…

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