These women are training to be hackers


Just when a hacking workshop was about to begin in McLean, Va., last weekend, a technical glitch and a tell-tale blue screen brought everything to a halt.

“Anyone have a Cat 5 cable?” asked Lisa Foreman-Jiggetts from the front of the gray classroom. Several of the students’ laptops had purple covers. Their footwear ranged from gold sandals to sparkly white flip-flops. Purses of many shapes and sizes littered the floor.

Without missing a beat, one of the students, wearing a tiny pink stud in her nose and matching nail polish, quipped, “Now I know what to pack in my purse.” Laughter ensued.

Welcome to the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, or WSC for short, where students are encouraged to make comments, ask questions, admit what they don’t know, and take on cyber security with moxie. Although some men have registered for the workshop remotely, the classroom is for women only…

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