The Future of Healthcare: Free Will Or Determinism?


Apple’s latest announcement of the Apple Watch made me take a deep breath, pause, and consider the impact to healthcare. To patients. To communities. To me.

On the one hand I am a total technology freak. I love my toys, my gadgets, and how things are designed. How some stick out like a sore thumb and others meld into the background and become common in our daily lives.

With the announcement of the Apple Watch, it made me think about the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report. I can remember Capt. John Anderton using his fingers to move data, images, facts, and figures around on a translucent screen. I remember the solid oak balls rolling effortlessly down the slide. Only to reach the bottom with a name engraved on the ball of a person who is predicted to commit a crime in the future.


It forces us to ponder the question…

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