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Thanksgiving Table - vxla

Blog post by Colin Hung

It’s that time of year for those that live in the US – time for turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, flight delays, football and shopping bargains. It’s Thanksgiving!

Given that the next #hcldr chat is just ahead of the day when most of our friends in the US will be heading out for the holiday, I thought we’d go with a “lighter” topic. So nothing heavy or that requires a lot of prep – just something fun that reflects the spirit of Thanksgiving.

This week we’re going to predict the future. How hard can that be right?

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Digital Health Conference(#DHC14) in New York City. It was a fantastic event full of interesting sessions and speakers. Four in particular stood out:

  • Eric Topol (@EricTopol), who spoke about the mobile future of healthcare
  • Alan Greene…

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Population Health – That Means Us

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668454536_b0ec8bf7ee_bBlog post by Bernadette Keefe MD

Population Health: ACA and ACOs

Population health has become the lynchpin of healthcare delivery in the United States, especially since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in March 2010. (This law was passed due to the unsustainable costs of US health care coupled with less than stellar population health outcomes in the US.) A key way the ACA proposes to reduce health care costs is through the formation of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). These are networks of doctors, hospitals, and ancillary health care providers who form networks to coordinate patient care and share financial and medical responsibility for that care. Required by ACOs is coordination by primary care physician, care of Medicare patients, and answering to multiple measures of quality. Providers get paid more for keeping their patients (their local population) healthy and out of the hospital.

Communities and Health

A stark…

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Remembrance Day Crosses - Owen Benson

Blog post by Colin Hung

The next #hcldr tweetchat falls on November 11th 2014 – Remembrance Day/Veterans Day. In honour of that day, this upcoming chat is dedicated to combat medics, international aid workers, healthcare volunteers and all other brave men and women who have served or are currently serving abroad.

Personally, November 11th is more than just the day to remember those that served in the wars we have fought. For me, it is a day to acknowledge and show respect for the men, women and (sadly) children, from EVERY nation who have sacrificed their lives or their well-being to help someone whether in wartime or not.

Sacrifice is a word all too familiar to the families and friends of those who have returned home after being overseas with physical and/or psychological injuries. The list of injuries is very long and includes: loss of…

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10 Reasons Why Old ETL and EAI Will Struggle in the #Cloud and #BigData Era

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In(tegrate) the Clouds

I recently wrote a post on the SnapLogic blog about the challenges legacy vendors are facing when it comes to managing the new data management challenges – whether it’s social, mobile, analytics and big data, cloud computing or the Internet of Things (SMACT).

The last point is probably the most important – Focus and DNA. When you’re on the inside, I compare it to the frog in boiling water story, but I think Aaron Levie, the visionary CEO of Box.com, put it best when he recently tweeted:

  1. Cannibalization of the Core On-Premises Business
  2. Heritage Matters in the Cloud
  3. EAI without the ESB
  4. Beyond ETL
  5. Point to Point Misses the Point
  6. Franken-tegration
  7. Big Data Integration is…

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This Year’s Connected Health Symposium is Not to be Missed

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The cHealth Blog

Connected Health Symposium_cHealth Blog post_1

We continue our rich history of outstanding keynoters delivering TED-style talks on the main stage.  Don’t miss Eric Dishman.  There is no one who tells the story of how connected health can make a difference in a more genuine manner.

Nir Eyal is both giving a workshop on October 22 and speaking on October 23.  His recent book Hooked: How to Build Habit Forming Products has made lots of news.  He’ll tell us how to make healthy behaviors habit forming.

Other notable day one keynoters include Gregg Meyer, Chief Clinical Officer of Partners HealthCare, Kyra Bobinet and Jeff Margolis.

Connected Health Symposium_cHealth Blog post_2

Additional examples of some of our thought provoking panels include, The Evolution of the Patient, Pioneers at the Intersection of Primary and Behavioral Health, and Lessons Learned from Large Scale Telehealth Interventions.

There will be a themed section on Sensing Aspects of Health That are…

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