Looking Back in order to Look Ahead


Straight Ahead
Blog post by Colin Hung

Our next #hcldr chat on Tuesday December 23rd, will be the final one for 2014. There will not be a chat on December 30th – we’re taking a one week break. 🙂

For our final 2014 chat, I think it is appropriate to ask the wonderful #hcldr community for thoughts, feedback and ideas on the community itself. What went well in 2014? What could be improved? What can we do to continue evolving/growing as a community in 2015 and beyond?

2014 was definitely a year of growth, change and transition on #hcldr. First and foremost, we welcomed two amazing new moderators: Joe Babaian (@JoeBabaian) and Bernadette Keefe MD (@nxtstop1). Both of them have worked tirelessly to help organize guest speakers, write blogs and keep our Tuesday night chats running smoothly. Speaking personally, I feel tremendously grateful and humbled…

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