Inside the brains of a Boeing 777

The Waypoint Hypothesis

What follows is a post about the “brains” of the 777.   They seem to be at the heart of how someone could possibly make a 777 disappear and this post will serve as background for such speculations.

The Cortex

The 777 is a marvel of engineering, being the world’s largest twinjet and Boeing’s first fly-by-wire airliner, and the first commercial airliner designed completely on computers.  All flight controls are computer-mediated in the brains or “neural network” of the 777.   A panoramic tour of the Main Equipment Center (MEC) where the “brains” are kept can be had by clicking the picture below (courtesy of the font of knowledge):

MEC The brains of a 777 (click for a panoramic tour).

Photo tours are here and here.  The black boxes on the upper right of the photo above are essentially the computer brains known as AIMS.   These boxes and many other units…

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