Deerwalk SWN Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

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Note: Big Mahalo to everyone who sent prayers to Lava and other blog friends in Nepal! Lava contacted me to let me know he’s alright. He a Solutions Architect at Deerwalk Inc, a company in Nepal also raising funds to help local family’s affected by the earthquake.
If you can help, be reassured that by donating to Deerwalk you’re money is going directly to help family’s in need and won’t be diverted or used for advertising, or other uses that don’t make a positive, direct impact on the ground for those in need.
Donate to ‪#‎NepalEarthquake‬ #earthquake15nepal families via Deerwalk Social Welfare Network. Please click below to donate:
$27,763 of $40k Raised by 164 people in 4 days

Created April 25, 2015
Rudra Pandey

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