Grassroots Change + Personal Accountability in Healthcare



Imminent Impact - Richard PluckBlog post by Colin Hung

Change is never easy. It takes courage, hard work and a bias for action. In healthcare, change is especially difficult. The risk-adverse culture, hierarchical organizations and ready willingness to blame “the system” rather than accept personal accountability are powerful headwinds that would-be-change-agents face in healthcare.

In a recent blog post, Richard Corder – Assistant Vice President for CRICO, talks at length about the concept of accountability and how it is a critical first step to any real change:

In healthcare, we are currently spending a lot of time (and money) talking about and pondering the ‘accountable entity’. We wax and wane poetically about the who, what, why, when and where, when all the time it’s staring back from the mirror. We are the accountable entities.

What Corder is saying that each of us has the power to affect change – but to unlock…

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Patient Experience – A “New” and Lasting Healthcare Reality



We are the Patient Experience 2Blog post by Jason A. Wolf PhD,  President, The Beryl Institute

I have written for a while now that while some may have believed patient experience was a passing idea in the midst of a chaotic healthcare marketplace or even a fad, I believe and remain steadfast in the idea that patient experience is not a peripheral concept, but rather a core and critical component of healthcare today.

This requires a rethinking of our language and even a repositioning for some from seeing experience being simply the amenities related to service to understanding the criticality of experience as a macro concept in healthcare. In my most recent Hospital Impact blog I wrote:

The one thing individuals in our healthcare system have is an experience: the integration of quality, safety and service encounters, and inclusive of the implications of cost on their healthcare decisions and broader health outcomes that influence…

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#HIMSS15 Mix Tape

teamGenomicsDeerwalkinc Every year I look forward to the HIMSS conference – the annual gathering of the HealthIT industry in North America. The year’s event is being held in Chicago from April 13-16 and it should attract a record number of attendees.


HIMSS15 Mix TapeBlog by Colin Hung

Every year I look forward to the HIMSS conference – the annual gathering of the HealthIT industry in North America. The year’s event is being held in Chicago from April 13-16 and it should attract a record number of attendees.

I’ve had the good fortune of being able to attend HIMSS for the past 7 years. #HIMSS15 will be my 8th one in a row and this year I will be one of the Social Media Ambassadors at the conference. I am humbled and honored to be part of the team that will be helping to live-tweet the event for those that cannot be there in person.

In preparation for #HIMSS15 I thought I do something fun. So here is the first HIMSS Mix Tape (#HIMSS15Mix) – a collection of songs that represent the tone, emotion and general feeling of this year’s conference. These songs were carefully…

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Internet’s Most-Read Stories (Infographic)

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What's The Big Data?


Fast Company:

It turns out that the most-shared articles aren’t fluffy clickbait. Generally, they’re pieces that focus on grander themes: kids (“Schools Fail to Train Kids”), extreme wealth and poverty (“The World’s Poorest President,” “The Rich Alarmed by Homeless Jesus”), self-improvement (“What Mentally Strong People Avoid,” “How Not to Say the Wrong Thing”), God (“Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God”), and death (“Dying on Your Own Terms,” “Unmournable Bodies: Those We Kill Unknowingly”). Only some of the most universal aspects of human experience.

The visualization also reveals what types of storytelling are most engaging. Readers shared stories about other people’s lives the most when they were told from an intimate perspective instead of with impersonal statistics—as seen in the story of the life of Dasani, a homeless child from New York City, or a new mother who drove a Mercedes to pick up food stamps. If it’s…

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Flip The Complaint

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Two sides of the same Loonie - Jamie McCaffreyBlog post by Bernadette Keefe MD

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or we can rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. – Abraham Lincoln

Human beings seem hardwired to complain. To breathe is to complain, it seems. Americans in particular, are considered to be particularly expert at it. Superficial complaints about healthcare are a dime a dozen but serious, well deserved complaints are also common. Unfortunately the landscape can be so inundated with criticism that meaningful discussion and space for understanding is crowded out.

Empowering stakeholders especially patients has been an important advance. With empowerment comes more information, more engagement and more opportunities to make suggestions or criticize.

Empowered customers are more demanding than ever….One of the ways businesses provide value is by doing the little things right…and that includes handling complaints. – Stan Phelps

Stakeholders and Complaints

Healthcare is a siloed industry. Too often the many stakeholders are…

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