A Foundation for Better Care: The Case for Better Nurse-Physician Collaboration

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Lego Doctor and NurseBlog post by Irene Andress, Dr Rajiv Singal, Sarah Coppinger, Sharon Navarro of Toronto East General Hospital

Over the last four decades, an enlightenment has taken hold of the healthcare culture. Today’s nurses are seen as “knowledge workers” by physicians and interprofessional practitioners alike. It is a sharp contrast to a century ago when nurses were described as “only the instrument by whom the doctor gets his instructions carried out.”

According to an article by American Sentinel, a new emphasis on interprofessional collaboration and an evolution of standards and clear guidelines that promote healthy work environments should theoretically bring nurses and physicians closer together in hospital hierarchy.

But is this the case?

Reality Check

A 2013 survey commissioned by the Advisory Board Company indicated that the majority of those polled felt that relations between the two professions was “poor” or, at best, just “okay.”

(From The Advisory Board Daily Briefing, March 2013 (From The…

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