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The Tower of Babel and Consumer Confusion

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As we continue our journey to change provider reimbursement to a “Pay for Value” system, the lines between health insurers and health care providers are blurring. Physician/hospital systems, like Partners HealthCare, where I work, are taking on risk for populations of patients through contracts with the Federal government and local payers. According to Secretary of Health & Human Services, Sylvia Burwell, this trend is going to continue. She stated recently that HHS set a goal of tying 85% of all traditional Medicare payments to quality or value by 2016 and 90% by 2018. Since the whole insurance industry is based on risk, we inevitably have to start thinking more like insurers if we’re going to be taking on risk.

So I cleared my calendar and attended as many content sessions as I could at the AHIP conference, in hopes that I’d soak up knowledge on how these companies approach…

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Healthcare, Teflon, and Leadership



Teflon is defined as a trademarked fluorocarbon polymer with slippery, non-sticking properties; polytetrafluoroethylene.

In our professional careers we have all met this person. The manager, director, physician, nurse, or executive that no matter how many negative situations arise, they never step up and take responsibility.

The project that fails, the investment that loses money, or the patient that you upset and forget to incorporate into the decision making of care are all instances of Teflon moments.

Being a leader at times means taking ownership for problems, situations, and projects that fail. A person that can assess disaster and course correct in the midst of peril is far more valuable than one that allows others to continue to fail.

Leading through positive moments is like driving with cruise control. Just set the speed and continue to let people do their work.

Leading during adversity is the difference between knowing when to…

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Keyword Test Automation

keyword automation

Keyword Test Automation is the Software Automation tools which consists of data tables and keywords, which directs the command to the Application Under Test(AUT). It is build with Selenium Web Driver 2.0 open source frameworks. This helps user’s to Automate the application with simple and realistic keywords without using the codes. User don’t have to read and write the code as they have to maintain the Excel file only. It’s feature can be more integrated with Cross Browser Testing Tools  like SauceLabs, BrowserStack, SoapUI etc. It is also integrated with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, Travis, Circle. etc.

1. We are using Eclipse as our integrated development environment (IDE), were the Keyword Automation Tools was built in Java with Selenium WebDriver 2.0.

sel logoecplogo            ecp1

2. We compiled the runnable JAR file to make user free from code base. To locate the Main Keyword file, we need to write the specific locations…

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Valencia cf paying tribute to Nepal earthquake victims with Nepali name on their back

#NimbleNepal werise Valencia used Nepali font in the player’s name against Celta De Vigo in order to raise funds to Earthquake victims in Nepal.


Valencia used Nepali font in the player’s name against Celta De Vigo in order to raise funds to Earthquake victims in Nepal. According to the statement from the club, they will be donating all the money generated from the auction to victim. The official statement from Valencia CF states that: “Valencia CF launched a new charitable intiative along with the Red Cross this weekend, as the player names on the team’s shirts for the game against Celta Vigo were printed in Nepali. The aim:-) is to auction these one-off shirts to raise funds to alleviate the damage caused by the natural disaster that has devastated Nepal, requiring worldwide collaboration.”


Pablo Piatti with his name in Nepali


Jose Luis Gaya on with Nepali font


Otamendi ‘the beast’ playing with nepali font jersey

It is also the part of the refund where they gave 5% of the game income coming through…

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