Keyword Test Automation

keyword automation

Keyword Test Automation is the Software Automation tools which consists of data tables and keywords, which directs the command to the Application Under Test(AUT). It is build with Selenium Web Driver 2.0 open source frameworks. This helps user’s to Automate the application with simple and realistic keywords without using the codes. User don’t have to read and write the code as they have to maintain the Excel file only. It’s feature can be more integrated with Cross Browser Testing Tools  like SauceLabs, BrowserStack, SoapUI etc. It is also integrated with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, Travis, Circle. etc.

1. We are using Eclipse as our integrated development environment (IDE), were the Keyword Automation Tools was built in Java with Selenium WebDriver 2.0.

sel logoecplogo            ecp1

2. We compiled the runnable JAR file to make user free from code base. To locate the Main Keyword file, we need to write the specific locations…

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