Risk prediction for individuals and groups Workflow systems Care management notes Assessments Care alerts Member Engagement Member-specific health information Risk calculators Personalized health action plan Plan Analytics Health Risk Assessments (HRA) outcome plan analytics #PopulationHealthManagement #BigData Analytics #Healthcare @DeerwalkInc Plan Analytics Care ManagerHealth Portal Provider Analytics Hospital Analytics Quality Reporter Hospital System Operations Manager Data Integrator Analytic Service Our Story Senior Management Board of Directors Partners and Certifications Articles Corporate Videos Careers Web Application Moblie Application Product Data Conversion Services IT http://www.deerwalk.com/customer/disease-manager-care-manager-health-coaches

Risk prediction for individuals and groups Workflow systems Care management notes Assessments Care alerts Member Engagement Member-specific health information Risk calculators Personalized health action plan Plan Analytics Health Risk Assessments (HRA) outcome plan analytics #PopulationHealthManagement #BigData Analytics #Healthcare @DeerwalkInc  Plan Analytics Care ManagerHealth Portal Provider Analytics Hospital Analytics Quality Reporter Hospital System Operations Manager Data Integrator Analytic Service   Our Story Senior Management Board of Directors Partners and Certifications Articles Corporate Videos Careers Web Application  Moblie Application  Product   Data Conversion Services IT http://www.deerwalk.com/customer/disease-manager-care-manager-health-coaches


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