Making Space for Acceptance of Time

Accepting is hard for everyone.#caregivers #amwriting #palliativecare Making Space: Acceptance

Making Space

PeaceI dedicate this post to caregivers, those who take care of a loved one slowly preparing to leave this life, also for readers at large who know someone with a terminal illness. Maybe you, yourself, are dealing with dying. This is for all of you.

When you remember someone in your life who died, what do you recall? I am not looking for any answers, simply that you hone in on the feeling, take note of where in your being the memory lives. If you feel discomfort, you need to make some space deep within you.

I do not personally have a great deal of experience with death of family or friends. I can count on one hand if I think about it, how many family members or friends I’ve lost in the last 20 years.

The numbers change as we all get older. Part of aging is that we…

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