About table of elements. New atomic numbers.

About table of elements. New atomic numbers.

New chemical elements (8). New atomic numbers for any elements.

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Probably James Chadwick made the mistake of measuring the charges of the nuclei of atoms.

Not exactly an error in the measurements, and that he agreed with the periodic table and the result was treated as a charge equal to 78, as shown in Table 77.6 nucleus for platinum.
result 29,3- longer true 0.3 was obtained for copper, 46.3 for silver has less true at 0.7, and for platinum is less than the “true” only 0.6. Reduction of protons associated with each other shielding measurements. Therefore platinum charge 78 results had to be obtained is less, or in other words at the atomic nucleus charge of platinum over 78 and 82 is equal.
We construct a model of the atomic nucleus. We know that protons and neutrons are in the nucleus. In each subsequent element…

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