Sparklines in Jupyter notebooks / ipython and Pandas

Sparklines in Jupyter notebooks / ipython and Pandas

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For those who are unaware sparklines are very small charts which are typically rendering inline with data. These are effectively condensed charts which give visual clues to the reader. They grew in prominense after being advocated by Edward Tufte one of the grandfathers of data visualisation.

In a previous post we examined how to create sparklines in Excel when a library does not natively support them. For the curious this used a trick with a formula and a special font, details of which are documented here.

Whilst this is a good approach for creating static reports a great deal of interactive data analysis will be done using python and pandas.

Many data scientists will choose to use Jupyter notebooks or ipython as a smart interactive shell, so lets look at how we can add sparklines to Jupyter / pandas.

Lets get started. We will need a few imports and…

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