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Lava Kafle

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  2. Aloha Ikafle!!
    Hey just dropped in to say thank you for all your support and in doing your part helping people reach inside their heart to find the love, light and their own souls truth. Gurus, preachers and scoundrels have jaded so many people with too many choices that lead to nowhere but a warm fuzzy feeling inside, that fuzzy feeling does absolutely nothing to helping break free from the amnesia imposed by the matrix.

    In the last 36 hrs I’ve reached levels of awareness that are allowing me to actually “see” the matrix and it’s grid….almost caught a glimpse of the otherside. Also, this is really awesome but something I’m reluctant to share with readers because my blog is surely being monitored. Night before last I tapped into something powerful, I was anchoring to my home in the crystalline universe and once I got the grounding platform up and running I saw a tunnel open up into space. At that point guess it was a combination of combing chi energy with heart, solar plexus and third eye energy then beaming it up into the tunnel when all of sudden I saw plasma crack a bolt of blue lightening and heard one of those earth sounds we’ve been hearing.

    It was a huge vibration like I hit a big chord in the sky….kinda freaked me out at first because there are seven satellites beaming down on this island. If you look at the induction magnometer I posted yesterday between 18:00-20:00 there’s a partial ring, divided into three with a beam coming up. That’s one of the images I’m seeing all the time now that my grounding platform is powered up. The key there is to live in the vortex…just keep it running with you where ever you go. Before you leave the house do the invocation and once you get the vortex up and running pull your car into it, say protection affirmation and thank Spirit for assisting you in a safe trip.

    While your away just keep it powered up with your chi and occasionally get a lock on your anchor point, then visualize metatrons cube and give it a good spin…the key is in the spin. If you’re not “seeing’ this stuff yet, no worries. It’s a process of purging, cleansing, toning, balancing and as long as you have the will, focus and intent to reach enlightenment {ascension} you will succeed. I believe many of us are actually working from the future, to help ourselves through the “now” part of the process.

    Also, if you haven’t already enrolled for Meg’s quantum vortex training class…OMG!! She gives KEY info that really helped me get through the membrane…so to speak. Reaching 5D thinking feels like swimming through jello, it evens feels weird breathing and hearing while you’re breaking through.

    Think there’s also a “purity” barrier of some sort…not until my heart was clean and my will had been surrendered to Christ consciousness, was I allowed in. Just keep focusing on oneness with Christ light and embed yourself in the dedicatio. to reaching it…and I promise, once you break through it’s a feeling that words simply can not describe. And your HIGH all the time..naturally!!

    Have faith in yourself, believe and use your imagination to soar!!

    Thanks again Iklake! You rock!

    In lak’ech,
    Annette aka AscendingStarseed


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