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If you are command line centric guy like me and you are on Ubuntu this post is for you.Getting starting with Amazon was a pain for me although once you understand the basics it is relativly easy. BTW: there are of course also other cloud systems like Rackspace or Azure.

If you want the official Ubuntu LTS Server (currently 10.04) running in the Amazon Cloud you can do:

ec2-run-instances ami-c00e3cb4 --region eu-west-1 --instance-type m1.small --key amazon-key

or go to this page and pick a different AMI. Hmmh, you are already sick of all the wording like AMI, EC2 and instances? Ok,

lets digg into the amazon world.

Let me know if I have something missing or incorrect:

  • AMI: Amazon Machine Image. This is a highly tuned linux distribution in our case and we can choose from a lot of different types – e.g. on this page.
  • EC2: Elastic Compute…

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UML Unified Modelling Language

Caminao's Ways

Identities and Aspects

Despite its object and unified vocations, the OMG’s UML (Unified Modeling Language) has been sitting uneasily between scopes (e.g requirements, analysis, and design), as well as between concepts (e.g objects, aspects, and domains).

Those misgivings probably go a long way to explain the limited, fragmented, and shallow footprint of UML despite its clear merits. Hence the benefits to be expected from a comprehensive and consistent approach of object-oriented modeling based upon two classic distinctions:

  • Business vs System: assuming that systems are designed to manage symbolic representations of business objects and processes, models should keep the distinction between business and system objects descriptions.
  • Identity vs behavior: while business objects and their system counterpart must be identified uniformly, that’s not the case for aspects of symbolic representations which can be specified independently.

That two-pronged approach bridges the gap between analysis and design models, bringing about a…

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2012 The Awakening

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Next Episode:

If extraterrestrials influenced human history, can evidence of their existence be found in hidden tunnels and caverns around the world? Could a cave in Ecuador contain metallic books inscribed with secrets of alien technology? Was an ancient underground city in Turkey built with alien help… or as a refuge from an alien attack? Rumors of the U.S. military working alongside aliens in a secret base inside a mesa in New Mexico continue to swirl, Native American legends mention strange inner-Earth beings, and recent archaeological discoveries in the Yucatan may point to an extraterrestrial reality behind.


Playlist: (Contain all videos for season 2)

History Channel — Ancient Aliens — Underground Aliens
(Season 2 Episode 4)
November 18, 2010


ancient aliens season 2 episode 4 full ancient aliens s02e04

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yoga leadership

Dale Myers' Blog: Think. Plan. Act. Repeat.

pic yogaTwo or three times each week a group of ten to fifteen of us file into a small mirrored room with a hardwood floor and soft ambient lighting. We claim our usual spaces, roll out our mats, and begin the process of warming our muscles, loosening our joints and preparing our minds for the workout that will soon begin.

Our teacher on this and most days is Loan (pronounced Low-on). She is a Vietnamese immigrant with a young family, a friendly smile, and a work ethic that brings many “workout warriors” to their knees.

Over the next 60 minutes, Loan leads the group through a series of moves (called poses), focusing on increasing flexibility, balance, and strength. We follow her visual and verbal instructions the best our bodies allow. Half way through I am drenched with sweat but continue. She leads us by example, with energy, encouragement, and subtle challenges.


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