Insiders are our enemies : Kevin Mitnick so true social engineering

CYBER ARMS - Computer Security

Hackers using Social Engineering attacks are getting much better at their craft, and people are making it very easy for them. A Social Engineer will use information gathered about a person, place or business in specially crafted attacks that play on people’s thoughts, beliefs or emotions.

But how do they get personal information that they could use against someone?

Drum roll please…

Social Media sites!

“No way”, you say, “I only give friends, colleagues and people I know access to my Facebook page.” Do you really? I mean come on, let’s be honest. We have all seen them, people with 500, 1000, even 2000 people or more on their friends list. Do they really know all those people?

People are human, and humans are always into popularity contests. It reminds me of the TV commercial where the daughter is sitting in front of her computer with hundreds of friends on…

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patients needs

The cHealth Blog

Today I’m following up to my last post, exploring the question of how and where the consumer perspective fits in the development of connected health.  Recently, I read with great interest a piece in JAMA called “What Patients Really Want From Health Care” by Allan Detsky.  It is a well-written and provocative piece. I don’t know Dr. Detsky but one gets the sense he must be a fine physician, in the tradition of Marcus Welby or the type of doctor I grew up with in Barre, Vermont, who would make house calls and always seemed to know how to make you feel better.

While interesting reading, to me, the piece seems flawed from two perspectives.  First, the article is highly focused on an acute care view.  Dr. Detsky notes that he practices in an inpatient setting and the piece reflects this bias.  Secondly, it is truly difficult to really…

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security testing

CYBER ARMS - Computer Security

Security Onion is one of my favorite tools. Doug Burks did an amazing job pulling many of the top open source Network Security Monitoring (NSM) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) programs. You can run Security Onion in Live CD mode, or you can install it and run it off of your hard drive.

It’s based on Xubuntu 10.04 and contains a ton of programs including Snort, Suricata, Sguil, Squert, argus, Xplico, tcpreplay, scapy, hping, and many other security tools. Sounds complicated right? Well, Doug has done the hard work in pulling all these tools together into an easy to use Linux distribution.

Run this on a system that has two network cards and you have a complete NSM/IDS system. One NIC connects to your network or the internet side of your traffic and records and monitors every packet that comes in or goes out of your system. The second NIC…

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wowo god woow

Rambler's Ruminations

This is a story from the time I was in grade six twenty seven years ago.

We had Moral Science (Naitik Shiksha) in the fifth period, and in the sixth Social Studies (Samajik Shiksha). Both subjects started with stories on the creation of the earth. The first said everything on earth was made by God from the flesh and bones of Madhu and Kaitav, two powerful demons. The second had a detailed story of the natural formation of the solar system and planet earth from a huge rotating cloud of gas and dust in the post-Big Bang eon.

Teachers made us learn these stories almost line by line no matter whether they made any sense to us or not. And we did. Whether anyone knew why the same earth was created in two different ways did not matter. Things went on as they were set to…

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neonatal babies

Medical Mind

MM:I am actually shocked you agreed to an interview, I mean you are just 10 days old. What changed your mind?

Neonate Q: I want the adult population to get some facts straight, and what a way to start by giving this exclusive interview to you.

[A neonate is a designated term applied to babies which are up to 28 days, after that they will be termed as infants.]

MM: what was it like to stay in a uterus for about 9 months?
 Neonate Q :To be frank, it has its pros and cons.

The pros:

  • It’s damn warm there, I don’t know how she maintained the heating system there, but it was always warm and cozy.
  • The food that we got from her blood supply was always sufficient for me and sometimes when I wanted more, she would allow, we did not have any limitation.


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