Apache Wicket (via Matthias Wessendorf’s Weblog)

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Wicket is a Java Web Framework that uses POJOs and HTML to create applications. I read a lot's of blogs that Wicket is so great, but never really bothered with taking it serious. When flying back from ApacheCon US, I read an article about Apache Wicket and I have to say, that I don't buy the Wicket story, yet. The key features of Wicket, as far as I got it, are: POJOs HTML pages no XML A typical Wicket-HTML file looks like The Java file behind th … Read More

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The Glamour and Glitz of Healthcare Marketing Consulting (via The Healthcare Marketer)

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As a healthcare marketer, I spend a ton of time on the road working with hospital clients. I try to explain to my staff and colleagues that all the travel is not glamorous, but it never seems to sink in. The truth is that I love my work and enjoy being on-site with my firm's clients, but the travel is a grind. Think of all the delayed flights, endless hours in airports, and nights away from family. For those of you out there who still think the l … Read More

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Wicket Tutorial: YUI AutoComplete using JSON and Ajax (via Incremental Operations)

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Wicket Tutorial: YUI AutoComplete using JSON and Ajax Getting an AutoComplete JavaScript widget to work with a server-side framework involves a few more steps and integration points than what it would take for e.g. a simple date-picker widget. It makes for an interesting example that shows off the strengths of Apache Wicket when it comes to creating custom components – especially when Ajax and integrating third-party JavaScript and CSS is involved. This tutorial covers the following topics: Creating … Read More

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JSF sucks (via Incremental Operations)

This post is intended to be a reference for those evaluating or contemplating using JSF. Once in a while, I find myself having to convince people that there are far, far, better alternatives to JSF. With this blog post finally in place, from now on I will probably just refer people here. Please pass this link on to those you feel will benefit from this fairly large selection of links and real-life experiences collected from across the interwebs. … Read More

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Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit – Call for Speakers (via The Healthcare Marketer)

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Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit - Call for Speakers One of the two national healthcare marketing conferences I attend each year is the Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit, produced by the Forum for Healthcare Strategists (of which I am a member). The seventeenth national conference will take place in Orlando, Florida, April 19 – May 1, 2012. The Summit is an opportunity for healthcare marketing, planning, and strategy executives to share "best practices" and network with colleagues from hospita … Read More

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Getting up and running with Universal Connection Pool (via Martin’s Blog)

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Oracle's next generation connection pooling solution, Universal Connection Pool, can be a bit tricky to set up. This is especially true when a JNDI data source is to be used-most example don't assume such a scenario. A lot of information is out there on the net, but no one seems to have given the full picture. During the research for chapter 11 of "Pro Oracle Database 11g RAC on Linux" I learned this the hard way. Since the book has been publishe … Read More

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